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Good Afternoon residents,

Darlington residents are being reminded to lock up following a spike in theft from motor vehicles over recent weeks. 

Check out these simple steps to keep yourself and property protected;

• Lock all windows and doors – even if you’re at home.

• Ensure no items are on display and remove valuables from your vehicle each night.

• If you have elderly neighbours keep an eye on them.

• Don’t leave your house and vehicle keys in the lock or on a side table in view of a window, making it easy for a thief to fish them through your letterbox.

• In addition, secure any outbuildings and gates and consider installing a security light and/or CCTV.

• Report any unusual behaviour to us.

Officers will be increasing patrols targeting this in your area. Please report any suspicious activity to 999 or 101. 



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Chloe Allison
(Police, PCSO, Darlington West NPT)

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