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Good evening.

I am Sgt Mark Mallatratt your local Neighbourhood Policing Sgt. I am based at the police station at Framwellgate Moor, I'm part of a team of 4 Police officers and 4 Police Community Support Officers. Together we look after the communities based on the west, north and south of Durham city. Our area starts off at the viaduct in the city and fans out north towards Framwellgate Moor and Brasside, then west towards Witton Gilbert and round to Eshwinning and Waterhouses in the far west, from there we cover the area round to the south taking in Brandon, Brancepeth and down to the honest lawyer Pub. coming back towards the city we have Merry oaks, Nevilles Cross and Redhills. We also look after all the villages in between and everything else that falls within our boundary including the prisons, UHND, Lanchester Road hospital, the Arnison Centre and all the schools. 

Its quite difficult to explain the role of my team, we don't really have a defined remit, we don't really have defined responsibilities as they would be too restrictive, in a nutshell we try to look after everyone and everything that is on our patch. It doesn't matter who they are or what the location is or what the problem is we do our best to help. 

We work alongside the 24/7 response officers who generally attend all reported incidents first and deal initially. 

My team then monitors every incident that takes place every day and we do what we can to try and stop the incidents reoccurring. For routine incidents if something happens once or twice we may not need to take action, but when we see the same thing happen a few times or a pattern develops, we get involved to stop it happening again. This of course depends on the harm and risk to the members of the community, if we identify a high harm developing situation then we try to take action before the harm strikes and do what we can to safeguard those involved. 

Its a great job extremely varied and quite challenging, we get involved in anything and everything to make our communities as good as they can be, one day we could be protecting a vulnerable child, another day we could be protecting a vulnerable location and the following day we may be identifying a prolific criminal and doing all we can to stop them committing further crime. 

I'm lucky to have an excellent team, they are all very dedicated to what we do and they do all they can to protect and safeguard our communities and are proud to do so. 

This is my first message on the new Keep in the Know platform, to be completely honest I am a little old school and haven't taken advantage yet of all the great benefits of the system, but I will definitely be sending our more messages to you over the next few weeks. 

Please take care and if you need our assistance remember to ring 101 or 999 in an emergency.



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Mark Mallatratt
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