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Parking at Pelton Junior School

Over the last few months PCSO’s Lumsden and Stocks have been working with local schools in our division to come up with a campaign to tackle obstructive and unsafe parking. Students from Pelton Communtiy Primary School have took it upon themselves to come up with a creative idea to help with the parking outside their school.

For those who are not familiar with the school, outside the main school gates there is a pedestrian crossing and white zig zag lines. The Zig Zag lines are placed on the road next to a grass area. Parents have been using the location as a pick up and drop off for their children and this has been causing them to park unsafely and out the students in danger. The school contacted us about this issue and have been working with us to think of a solution. 

Most parents are not aware but by parking on the zig zag lines which are next to the pedestrian crossing, they are liable for prosecution by the Police. When the students found out about this, they didn’t want their parents getting in trouble and got their heads together.

They came up with the idea to create posters and warnings to parents about their parking and to remember to keep the children safe. Once they created the signs, they attached them to stick and stuck them in the grassed area no longer allowing parents to park unsafely. 

This has been well received in the community and the school are over the moon with how the parents have dealt with this. 

Great work by Pelton Community Primary School!

Please see photos attached for an idea of what they have been up to.


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